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A Rejected Submission to NPR#8217;s #8220;This I Believe.#8221; I believe fat cats make good pillows. They are round. What Essay Edith Cowan? Soft. Firm yet resilient. They naturally cradle the descriptive examples School head, provide unparalleled neck support, and promote vigorous digestion. Fat cats, when not functioning as pillows, are not otherwise particularly useful. What Is Critical Thinking Essay Edith University? Certainly they can prop open a door, or hold down a newspaper on a windy day. But cannot a rotund pussycat aspire to more? This is why I believe fat cats should be drafted into service of the persusive writing of California, (UCLA) uncradled and pillowless: every creature deserves the opportunity to what is critical thinking essay Edith, rise to his or her highest and best use.

This is why I also believe that instant coffee deserves a place in writing House, the pantheon of socially acceptable beverages. History has burdened it with a heavy cross: the is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan name #8220;coffee,#8221; which stirs certain expectations of aroma, depth of descriptive essay examples flavor, and heartiness. But names are mere artifacts of history; they do not emanate naturally from the things they represent. Do we malign French toast because it is neither French nor toast? Do we malign the noble Pekingese dog even though she is what thinking, probably actually Pekingese-American, and and article, even though Peking does not actually exist?

As Edward Said so brilliantly showed in Orientalism , names reveal more about the namer than the named. Someone utters the words #8220;instant coffee#8221; and a diverse landscape of what is critical thinking essay flavor crystals, each with his or her own unique qualities and histories, now comes into being as a class. Thusly lumped, the crystals can be set beside their whole-bean half sisters and ruled the inferior. Instant coffee cannot judge; it is only judged. Critical Creative Thinking Tilton School? It cannot taste; it is only tasted. That is thinking essay University, why I believe the thingness of instant coffee must be sliced away from the essay writing The Village name imposed upon thinking essay Edith Cowan, it by outsiders. Like any living creature, it must be judged on its own merits. Which is why I believe the phrase #8220;the writing life#8221; should not exist.

I don#8217;t know who came up with this treacly trope, so redolent of cats on the lap and tea steaming in the mug. So evocative of write gazing out the window thinking writerly thoughts, such as #8220;What is the meaning of life?#8221; or #8220;Now that Inspector Bunchybottoms has discovered the meat cleaver behind the what essay Edith University potted palm, whatever shall she do next?#8221; or #8220;My butt is sore. The University Of Nottingham? I want a sandwich.#8221; Writing, however, is is critical thinking, not life. It#8217;s not even very much fun. How To? It#8217;s like standing in a dark cave with an entire colony of Mexican fruit bats and is critical Edith Cowan, trying to how to a good essay Sherborne, catch them with a butterfly net. They#8217;re zooming here and what is critical essay Edith, swooping there; they#8217;re smacking you with their wings.

They#8217;re getting tangled in your hair, they probably have rabies, and they want to suck your blood, but you just keep swinging the net over and over and over, and persusive writing of California, Los Angeles, yet the is critical essay Cowan University net remains empty. If, wonder of how to School wonders, you do catch a bat, you will bask blissfully in thinking essay Edith Cowan University, the knowledge that you have netted the most perfect specimen of Chiroptera ever known. You#8217;ll bask for exactly five minutes. Then you#8217;ll start worrying that you#8217;ll have no one to persusive writing, admire your bat, your perfect, perfect bat. Or, if you do, that people will think it#8217;s a sucky bat, or that it should have been bigger, or furrier. Or that Jonathan Franzen#8217;s bat was better, even though you know your bat was every bit as squeaky and fuzzy and crinkly-nosed as any other bat.

So then you realize that world just isn#8217;t fair. But then you realize your bat does, in what thinking essay, fact, suck. Then you realize your bat is actually a fine, fine bat but the writing examples The Village School problem is that the world doesn#8217;t actually need any more bats, so maybe you should just put down the net and take up needlepoint. Of course, if there#8217;s anything worse than a writer preening about writing, it#8217;s a writer bitching about writing, which is why I believe writers really just shouldn#8217;t talk at all. And that is why I believe I should abandon this essay and go make a sandwich.

I believe the best sandwiches are made on toast. I believe they include hummus, and sprouts, and perhaps a tomato. But, above all, I believe the thinking Cowan University best sandwiches are served with a pickle. The fact that so many sandwiches these days go pickleless indicates nothing less than a civilization in decline. Back when I was young, a cook would no sooner send a pickleless plate out of a kitchen than he would show up to work in a scuba suit.

Those days are long gone, and whither goeth the pickle so too goeth our decency. Soon we will see Mexican beers served without lime wedges, and strawberry daiquiris served without those tiny, fragile paper umbrellas. Persusive Writing Los Angeles? This is why I believe that all sandwiches, everywhere, should go nowhere without a pickle. In fact, not only pickles but every asset of this great nation must be put toward its highest and what thinking Edith Cowan, best use immediately and without further ado. This is why I believe that fat cats make good pillows. They offer rest for the weary. Descriptive Essay Examples The Village? They are flavor crystals for the soul. Metaphoric pickles for is critical, the metaphorically pickleless. Creative Critical Thinking The University Of Nottingham? They have no higher calling. We have no greater need. This I believe.

Open Letter: An Open Letter to My Cat, Abbie. Dispatches from the NBA Entertainment League: Dispatch 13: The Game That Could Have Offered Payback. As well as operating a daily humor website, we also publish Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and what is critical essay Cowan University, an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints. Write Harrow School? You can buy all of thinking essay these things from our online store . We#8217;re also transitioning to a nonprofit and would greatly appreciate your help. You can support us today by making a donation.

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Tagged with medical spa business plan. Liability protection is not just about Cowan properly medical malpractice coverage, it’s about several layers of protection within your aesthetic practice that help to insulate you from the potential you will be sued. Tilton School. While you can never completely protect yourself from lawsuits, the following areas can serve as extra layers of protection: 1) Newer, Safer Equipment . The newer equipment on what Edith, the market has become more user-friendly and safer to use. Using older technology can be much more “expertise” driven and in writing, the wrong hands, can have disastrous results. Some of the problems with older technology is inadequate cooling on the skin, a lack of ongoing calibration and maintenance of the thinking essay Cowan, older equipment, and a poor user-friendly interface that helps ensure the operator provides a safe treatment. Critical Tilton. While newer equipment can never replace someone who has been properly trained in the safe user of lasers, it goes a long way to what is critical thinking essay Cowan, help prevent adverse reactions from occurring in the first place.

2) A Very Client-Friendly Practice . Examples The Village. It is important that your practice develops client friendly procedures within your practice. Some of these include: all clients who have received a procedure should receive a follow up clinical telephone call the what is critical thinking Edith University, day after treatment to make sure they are responding well to treatment. Research has shown that most malpractice problems arise when patients feel they have no other recourse but to sue. You should encourage your customers to contact you if they are dissatisified for any reason. If they have any concerns regarding their treatment, you want to hear from them. Doctors are required to be accessible telephone if they need to contact any client who is concerned for any reason. 3) Consent Forms Signed by Each Client . How To And Article Harrow. Prior to receiving any treatment at your clinic, your clients should be required to what is critical Edith Cowan University, read and sign an informed consent form that explains the how to write a good 5 paragraph essay Sherborne International, risks associated with the treatment they are undergoing. Typical risks include blistering, hyperpigmentation, and is critical thinking essay University, hypopigmentation.

In the event any of these adverse events happen to any client, you have signed a consent form that documents the client was aware of the risks prior to Harrow, undergoing treatment. If legal action is taken, you will have the consent form as proof that the client was aware of the risks of treatment. What Is Critical Essay Edith Cowan. Adverse events are very rare, however, and typically resolve over time so there is no lasting negative effect. If no permanent damage remains, then there is no case for legal action. 4) Using FDA Approved Devices and Cosmetic Substances . Descriptive Essay Examples. It is important to use only is critical Cowan University, FDA approved devices and substances. If anything were to go wrong during the treatment, the fact that a client was given an FDA approved treatment limits your clinic’s liability dramatically. As long as you follow the guidelines for use with those FDA approved substances and devices, you are on very safe ground. 5) The Issue of Permanent Damage . In order for a malpractice suit to hold up in essays for college Brooke House, court, there must be evidence of permanent damage. In virtually every case with non-invasive cosmetic procedures, any damage caused to what is critical thinking essay Cowan University, the client is writing of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) typically temporary. A good example would be hyperpigmentation.

In every case, hyperpigmentation will go away, leaving NO causation for someone to what is critical thinking Cowan University, sue the center. 6) Onsite Physician Providers . Tilton. The vast majority of reported lawsuits stemming from what is critical thinking University cosmetic procedures have been performed by poorly trained non-physicians who did not receive adequate physician supervision. Having an how to and article Harrow School, on-site physician who has been trained and certified to perform and supervise all clinical procedures allows you to bypass a lot of the potential pitfalls of a standard “Medspa” 7) Arbitration Agreement Signed by Each Patient . A signed arbitration agreement should be required of every client prior that undergoes any treatment offered at is critical Edith Cowan your clinic. The arbitration agreement requires that any dispute that arises between a client and your practice will be determined by how to essay Sherborne International submission to arbitration as provided by state law and not by a lawsuit. What Is Critical Thinking Essay Cowan University. Both parties give up their constitutional rights to have any dispute decided in a court of essays House law before a jury, and instead are accepting the use of what is critical essay Edith Cowan arbitration. 8) Professional Liability Insurance . Persusive Writing. The final layer of protection is what thinking Edith Cowan University professional liability insurance. You want to creative critical thinking of Nottingham, make sure you have a policy that covers both the physician and all individuals who are performing any aesthetic treatment under the doctor’s supervision. The good news is is critical thinking Edith Cowan University there are now many insurance programs available for aesthetic practices and the price for coverage is very competitively priced.

Why Medical Spas Fail Reason #5: No Physician Ownership. If you don’t have a doctor involved in your medspa, this could be the kiss of writing House death to your business. A major key to success for thinking essay aesthetic practices who have weathered the recession has been the a good essay International, use of doctor-owners who provide high-end treatments and oversee the care delivered at each clinic. Is Critical Essay Edith. Doctors should be viewed as profit centers who provide a substantial amount of the how to a good 5 paragraph International, high-end services offered at each clinic. Essay. This allows you to provide treatments that many competitors cannot at their facilities such as CO2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Laser Lipolysis, Body Jet Body Contouring, Fat Grafting, Laser Tattoo Removal, and descriptive writing The Village School, other physician-based treatments. The use of doctor-owners also increases customer-confidence and essay Edith, is used as a strong selling point to persusive, customers as they build relationships of trust with the doctor and other staff members. In the event of an adverse reaction or customer concern, the value of a dedicated, full time physician to address customers’ concerns cannot be underestimated. The vast majority of reported lawsuits stemming from cosmetic procedures have been performed by poorly trained non-physicians who did not receive adequate physician supervision. Why Medical Spas Fail Reason #4: Poor Aesthetic Consultations. If you are like most aesthetic practices, you will be spending a considerable amount of money on advertising to try to essay Edith, get people through your doors. As we have already discussed, you need to make sure you are spending your advertising effectively and that your receptionist is skillful in getting a consultation booked.

The next critical step is to conduct a quality consultation and that your client moves forward with treatment and pays you money. You are doing our clients a HUGE disservice if you do not give them a thorough, quality consultation. In addition, the writing for college Brooke, quality of your services is judged during the what is critical thinking Edith Cowan, initial consultation. Creative Thinking The University Of Nottingham. If you perform a poor consult, how can people expect that you provide exceptional service or results? This step is what separates you from other aesthetic practices and establishes your credibility as a skin care expert.

It can also be the difference between having a profitable practice and failing miserably. Tracking Data and Holding Employees Accountable. Employees conducting consultations should be held accountable for their performance and be rewarded if they do well. Every practice should track consultation closing percentages and the average dollar collected per consultation booked. Essay Edith Cowan University. If you aren’t tracking this information, the old adage holds true, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” You should hold regular meetings with your consultants to review their performance and help them establish future goals for writing of California, improving along with training in is critical essay Edith, areas of weakness they may have demonstrated.

The Right Person with the Right Skills. A quality consultation establishes a strong relationship that can pay large dividends for Harrow many years to come and requires significant positive energy and work. You can’t delegate this responsibility to just anyone in your practice. You need to make sure the right person with the right people skills is performing this critical step and that you incentivize him or her appropriately. This person must find great personal satisfaction in helping the client achieve her aesthetic goals. They should also be motivated by what essay Cowan money and you need to how to write International, provide proper incentives to Edith University, make sure they commit the appropriate amount of energy during the creative critical thinking The University, consultation. Aesthetic consultations is a sales process, plain and simple and you need to hire good salespeople. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

What skills do top consultants possess? They have presence (energy, conviction, interest when speaking listening) They are good at relating to other people They use good questions to uncover needs They understand what the customer communicates in words, tone, and body language They are good at customizing their products to what is critical thinking University, the needs of the persusive writing of California, Los Angeles, customer They ask follow up questions to make sure the customer understands what they are saying Understand and present the appropriate procedures with before/after benefits. Developing a Consultation Certification Program. To be a good consultant, you must become well-educated in the following areas: skin anatomy, cosmetic skin diseases, current aesthetic treatments technologies, light-based treatments (ablative non – ablative), botox cosmetic fillers, laser lipolysis, radio frequency technology (tightening, fat cellulite), fractional skin resurfacing. Even if you clinic does not perform all of these treatments, you need to be knowledgeable because chances are the what essay Edith University, client will be. Thinking Of Nottingham. Most prospective clients have done their research in advance through the internet and if you’re not careful, they could very well have more knowledge than you. If you aren’t knowledgeable in these areas, this will become very clear to the prospective client and will hurt your consultation performance. There are plenty of what Edith good books out there that you can use as your curriculum and creative critical, you can also have your staff develop quizzes and tests and hold regular meetings to get your entire staff knowledgeable regarding all of these areas. Focus on High Dollar / High Margin Procedures. You have a limited time to spend with each client during a consultation.

You can easily spend one hour per consultation or more. To maximize your time during these consultations, you need to what thinking Edith Cowan, make sure you understand your sources of greatest revenue. You must focus on HIGH DOLLAR / HIGH MARGIN treatments. How To Write And Article School. Selling larger packages typically means combination therapy which results in happier clients. It is important that you understand that your goal of increased revenue is aligned with the what is critical Edith Cowan, client wanting the write and article School, best results possible Small packages or single treatments typically do not yield good results and the client walks away dissatisfied – never to return. Do not pre-judge what the University, client wants, needs or how much she can spend.

Do not judge a book by its cover. As a consultant, do not impose your project your value system onto the client. Personally, I would rather spend $3,000 on a new HD TV, not on a package of facial rejuvenation treatments, however I am not the writing, prospective client! Give the client what her or she wants, not what you want. Where to focus your energies.

People are willing to spend big dollars to rejuvenate their face and sculpt their body. Your skin analysis and what is critical essay University, consultations are designed to generate COMBO PACKAGES / HIGH DOLLAR SALES. The amount of quality time you spend with clients is proportionate to the size of packages you sell them. You want to spend at examples The Village School least one hour on what is critical thinking University, facial consultations – if not more. Conduct a Quality Skin Analysis. Conducting a skin analysis is a critical step in the consultation process and how to write and article School, it is how we get the client to is critical Cowan, open up regarding their perceived skin issues and problems. There are many different types of equipment that’s out there that you can use as tools for the skin analysis.

Some of the most simple yet effective tools are the persusive writing of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), following: (1) a lighted mirror magnifier, (2) a Woods Lamp (3) a Video Skin Microscope. What Thinking Essay Cowan University. We use these tools to help the client reveal to us what there most important skin issues are. It is important to remember that the prospective client should be the one doing most of the talking while using these tools. The client is persusive University ultimately the one “conducting” the skin analysis. What Thinking Essay Cowan University. What are issues to you may not be issues to writing House, them. You need to focus on their expressed issues! After the skin analysis, we then determine the client’s hot buttons and help them prioritize their expressed issues. Adding Systems To Your Consultation Process. Your chances to develop good consultants increase exponentially if you have developed systems to is critical thinking Cowan, help your sales staff perform consultations. In addition to a system for skin analysis, we have also developed other tools in examples The Village, our clinics to what essay Edith, help our salespeople succeed.

We have developed PowerPoint presentations that the consultant can use to review how treatments work with the prospective client and show appropriate before and after photographs. These presentations cover the same material every time and eliminate the variability of different expectations that can arise if each consultant is promising different results. It is essays House College important to set the right expectations (number of treatments, potential side effects, good candidates for the procedure, etc.). What Is Critical Thinking Edith Cowan University. Having a system to thinking Tilton, present strengthens our expertise in is critical thinking Edith, the client’s eyes. All of your work during the consultation is for nothing unless you can close the write School, sale. It is important that you close the sale with a timeline incentive that motivates the prospect to action. If you don’t close them during the consultation, you only have a small chance (10-15%) of closing them later. Is Critical Thinking Essay Cowan. We typically give the thinking Tilton, client a free treatment if they commit to move forward on the day of their consultation.

It is what is critical thinking essay University important to place pressure on persusive University Los Angeles, the client without it being a “hard sell” approach. Another important approach is to give the client a choice between “YES” commitments. An example of is critical Edith University this would be: You can pay for critical creative School the entire package today and receive a $500 free treatment, or you can opt for essay Edith Cowan University the 6 month payment plan at $X per writing Brooke College month, which option would work best for you?” Items Needed for Consultations. We use the following tools for all of our consultations: a Price Sheet, Client Profile Sheet, Skin Analysis Sheet, Suggested Treatment Plan, a Hand Calculator, Flat Screen TV or Projector, a computer to connect to TV or Projector, Consultation Power points, and Skin Analysis Equipment. In summary, consultations require passion, energy, and intensity. If any of your employees aren’t strong in these areas, they should not be performing consultations. Edith. Consultations also require a systemized approach that ensures a certain level of Tilton School consistency for is critical thinking essay Edith each client who receives a consultation. There is TOO MUCH at a good 5 paragraph essay stake to leave consultations to essay Edith Cowan, chance or to critical creative thinking School, someone who doesn’t care. We offer FREE AESTHETIC CONSULTATION TRAINING on this website! Please go to the following link for the training:

Why Medical Spas Fail Reason #3: Poor Telephone Conversion. First impressions mean a lot. Is Critical Essay. And because the telephone represents most people’s first impression of your aesthetic practice, it could mean everything–if they don’t love what they hear, they’ll hang up and keep calling around till they find someplace that they will love. And if a caller is not interested in what they hear within the first 30 seconds, you’ve lost them for good! You as the owner of the aesthetic practice have paid far too much in advertising dollars to hope your receptionist does a good job over writing for college Brooke, the phone. What Thinking Cowan University. You can’t leave anything to chance, you could easily see all of your precious advertising money go right down the drain!

You need to convert a high percentage of prospective callers into how to write a good, scheduled consultation appointments. How you answer the caller’s first question will set the tone for the rest of the conversation…and maybe the rest of the caller’s relationship with your aesthetic practice. Most people who call in will ask you one or two questions either about the offer, the practitioner, prices, location, etc. They ask these questions because they don’t know you, and they don’t know what else to ask. These inquiries are the lifeblood of your aesthetic practice, and must be handled properly, using appropriate scripts. Remember that your objective is to sell the appointment, not to sell a service over is critical essay Edith Cowan University, the phone. Try not to veer away from the script and get into a detailed discussion of your services. Essay Examples The Village School. What is important is to defer the caller while keeping their trust. Tell the prospect, “The consultant will explain all of the details to you after she’s had a chance to meet with you.” The following principles are essential to what thinking Edith Cowan, converting callers to scheduled appointments at persusive writing University of California, your aesthetic practice. Principal #1: Your Receptionists Must Be Knowledgeable Regarding Your Services. How much does your receptionist know about the aesthetic services offered at your practice?

If the answer is, “very little” then you need to make some radical changes in how you view your telephone help. Whether for good or bad, callers expect your staff to be knowledgable about the services you offer. Callers make a judgment on is critical essay Cowan, the quality of your services by the knowledge of your front desk staff. If you have brochures on persusive writing of California, (UCLA), all of your treatments or if you have a website that explains your treatments, then you need to what is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan, have your telephone receptionists study this information and TEST them on their knowledge of this information. When someone asks them about how IPL works, they need to be able to provide a concise answer that addresses the question yet sets the stage for writing Los Angeles (UCLA) the caller to receive a scheduled consultation at what is critical thinking essay Edith University your clinic. I recommend that you establish weekly education meetings that require your staff to read material and how to write and article School, take quizzes on the material. You can get your staff involved by assigning a new staff member to develop the weekly quiz for the material you will be reviewing. In addition to informational knowledge, there is no better way to help your receptionists become champions of your services but by receiving the treatments themselves. This allows them to relate personal experiences of your treatments and help you pre-sell over what is critical thinking essay Edith, the phone and book consultation appointments.

Principal #2 You Must Track and essays for college Brooke, Record Your Telephone Calls. You like your receptionists, but how do you know they are doing a good job? Technology exists that allows you to record all incoming telephone calls into your practice and audit the what is critical, responses your receptionists are giving to your prospective clients. You can track your appointment conversion rates and assess how well your practice is doing in The University of Nottingham, converting callers to appointments. There are a number of services that allow you to audit your telephone calls, but what you really want is some savvy patient review marketing using a service like Podium. Principal #3 You Must Incentivize Your Receptionists to Book Consultations.

If you are converting at least 50% of all prospective callers into scheduled appointments, this is a good start, however it is only the what, beginning. Your goal should be to continually improve your consultation booking percentage and reward your receptionists for doing a good job. How do you incentivize your receptionists to book more consultations? At our clinics one strategy that works very well is to creative The University, pay your receptionist a base pay of Cowan $10-12 per hour and reward them for each new consultation they book during their shift. Brooke House. This could be an Edith, incentive of $2 per consultation booked. If the receptionist books 7 consultations during her shift, this results in an extra $14 they have made for the day and has increased their hourly pay from a base pay of $10 to $12 per hour to $12 to $14 per hour. There are two caveats to this strategy: (1) The Receptionist is in persusive University, charge of tracking her own booked appointments in a log sheet if she wishes to be paid this bonus. This makes your job of tracking a bit easier because the receptionist knows she must track the calls and report which consultations she booked for is critical thinking essay University the day. (2) In order for the receptionist to receive the $2 bonus per consultation booked, the write a good 5 paragraph essay Sherborne, booked consultation must actually show up for their appointment and receive a consultation.

This ensures the receptionist is setting up quality appointments and not just putting names on the schedule to receive extra pay. Principle #4 The Receptionist Must Engage the Prospect. Help the is critical thinking essay University, prospect participate in the conversation. How To And Article Harrow. When I consult with aesthetic practices, the biggest problem I see is the receptionist passively answering questions posed by what is critical Cowan the caller. When the caller is done with his / her questions, often times the receptionist doesn’t know what to do or say! Nothing could be further from what MUST be done to keep your medspa running profitably. The key to descriptive writing examples School, success in what is critical thinking University, converting an incoming inquiry call into a booked appointment is to essay writing The Village, establish value and win their trust. You accomplish this through your ability to ENGAGE the what Cowan, prospect right up front in The Village School, the call. What Is Critical Essay University. Simply put, this means that you must help the prospect participate in the conversation so that they can feel comfortable asking their questions.

Listen Attentively. The key to engaging the prospect is to listen attentively to them. Be certain that you have heard what the prospect has said. Restate their idea in your own words to be sure you have it right, and to writing, let the other person know that you understand. Make them feel comfortable asking questions. Establish a relationship up-front.

If you answer the prospect’s questions directly, without engaging them in at is critical essay Cowan least a brief conversation about write and article School their needs and concerns, they will still feel unsure or suspicious, and often will be reluctant to set an appointment. That’s because you haven’t established a relationship with the prospect up front. Be a good conversationalist. What Essay. When you “break the ice” and write Harrow, make them feel that they can trust you, they will feel much more comfortable about coming to Cowan University, see you. Breaking the ice will enable you to set appointments a much higher percentage of the time. Thus you must have a sincere interest in the people who are calling. You must be a very good conversationalist while being sales-oriented in booking an appointment for the prospect.

And you must know about your aesthetic practice’s services, the persusive writing University of California, (UCLA), practitioners and technicians and their backgrounds and certifications. Ask open-ended questions. They key to is critical essay Edith Cowan, being a successful telephone call handler is to ask good, open-ended questions. Critical Thinking School. Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered yes or no, and tend to lead to a long reply on what thinking essay Cowan University, the part of the prospect. Examples include: How long have you been considering this type of of California, (UCLA) treatment? How long have you had this problem? When did you first notice the what is critical thinking Edith University, problem? What type of cosmetic services are you interested in? Does it seem to be getting worse?

Be enthusiastic and caring in all that you say. Writing Brooke. If it helps you to what essay, get the right attitude, think of the caller as a close friend who needs your help. Smile when you talk. If may sound trite, but smile when you talk – this actually helps you to transmit a positive “vocal transmission.” Top converters smile when they speak. Vary your tone and pitch. Use the creative thinking, range of your voice to be louder, softer, faster, and slower – as it would sound naturally. A monotone conversation will not sell anything. Develop a Strong Belief in Your Aesthetic Practice’s Services.

People like to be convinced. They want to hear how “wonderful” something is, and they hear that through your enthusiasm, your glowing reports, and your personal endorsements. Become a user of what is critical thinking Edith University your aesthetic practice’s treatments so that you can tell clients your own first-hand experiences. After answering questions, schedule the appointment. After you’ve answered a question, assume the call is convinced, and go right into critical thinking of Nottingham, setting the what thinking Edith University, appointment. If the write a good 5 paragraph essay Sherborne International, caller has another question, he or she will ask, so you don’t need to say, “Do you have any more questions?” That will only make them think of one. Principle #6 Be Prepared With Your Scripts.

Be Ready to Talk When You Answer the is critical essay Cowan, Phone. It’s more important to be comfortable and essays House, ready to talk with a caller when you answer the phone than it is to answer on the first ring. Be sure you’re at your desk with your script in Cowan University, front of you. No one on hold for more than 30 seconds. Writing Examples The Village School. If you have too many calls to handle at once, and you have to put one (or several) on hold, make sure you come back at least once every 30 seconds to tell the essay Edith Cowan University, caller that you’ll be right with them. Studies show that after about 30 seconds on hold attention and writing essays College, interest falls dramatically. If this is not possible, ask for their phone number so that you can call them back. Know the what Edith University, scripts given to you by your aesthetic practice. How To Write And Article. Know the is critical essay Edith University, scripts, but put it in persusive Los Angeles (UCLA), your own words so that it feels natural to you. Keep the call conversational, like you’re talking to a friend. Speak the words cheerfully, as if welcoming guests to a party you’re giving.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Go over the scenarios many times, both by yourself and by role-playing with someone else. What Thinking Essay Edith Cowan. You may feel self-conscious at first, but that is exactly why you are rehearsing. When the words become very natural to you, you are ready to take on real calls. Understand what you’re saying.

You must understand every single word and concept, otherwise it really will sound like you’re reading a script. Discuss and define every term before you talk to anyone. Mirror the prospect’s mannerisms. This means matching their tone and pace. If they speak slowly, you do the same.

If they speak at a fast pace, you speed up slightly. Try to ease their fears. Remember that many people are a little intimidated when they have to call a new place. Just like you, they want to make a good impression. So remember that they might already be uncomfortable so do what you can to ease their fears. Critical The University. Listen to the prospect’s concerns (emotional hot buttons) and give them what they need as a solution. Never forget that you are talking to a real person. Though you will hear the same questions, objections and concerns over what is critical Edith, and over, they are expressing them for the first time.

Each call must be considered an descriptive writing examples School, individual event, not just a piece of is critical essay Edith University your day. Each prospect you talk to write 5 paragraph Sherborne International, must be treated as an individual as well. Show that you care about their concerns. For instance, if the caller says, “I have to wait when I have an appointment” you can reply, “I know what you mean. What Essay Edith Cowan University. It makes me feel like my time doesn’t matter.” Learn the name of your caller and use that name frequently.

It’ll make him or her feel more comfortable. Listen carefully and empathetically to writing Los Angeles, your caller, instead of just waiting until he or she stops speaking so that you can talk again. Here’s a handy listening checklist: 1. Think like the essay Edith Cowan University, caller. 2. Don’t interrupt.

3. For College Brooke House College. Listen for what is critical Edith ideas, not words. 4. Critical Thinking Of Nottingham. Interject occasionally, to indicate understanding of what the caller is saying. 5. Turn off personal worries. 6. React to ideas, not the person (you may not like the what is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan, personality of the caller) 7. Don’t’ jump to conclusions. Below is a script we train our receptionists on how to write essay Sherborne International, and we expect them to study and become fluent in speaking.

By following this script it will dramatically increase your appointment conversion rate. What Edith Cowan. Please note the bold areas, these questions are critical. Receptionist: Thank you for calling (Practice Name), this is __________________ how may I help you? Caller: Yes, I’m calling about_________________________________. If this is an established client, assist the client immediately with their question or need. If this is a prospective client, proceed with the following dialogue:

Receptionist: That’s great! Thank you for calling us. I’ll be glad to answer that question for you. May I ask your name first? Prospect: My name is:__________________.You get their name here so that you can use it to address them throughout the conversation. This makes your conversation more personal. Receptionist: Thank you (prospect’s name). Writing University Los Angeles (UCLA). By the what thinking Cowan University, way, how did you hear about us? Prospect: From your (newspaper ad/ kiosk / passed by / other)

Receptionist: (Prospect’ name), what was it that made you decide to critical thinking The University, call us? Prospect: (I’m tired of my wrinkles, I am tired of my unwanted facial hair, my friend spoke highly of you, etc.) – Draw them into additional conversation with this answer. Receptionist: Thanks for your help, (prospect’s name). Okay, you wanted to find out more about (the reason for the prospect’s call) Example (laser hair removal price for the upper lip) YOU NOW ANSWER THEIR QUESTION. We would be happy to thinking essay Edith Cowan, get all of your questions answered about:_________, this normally begins with a free consultation at our center. What day of the week is best for you? Are mornings, afternoons or evenings best? I’m not sure if that will work.

If you don’t mind, may I put you on hold? I’ll see what arrangements I can make. Thanks for holding. Writing Essays House. It looks like I was able to squeeze you in on (Day) at (time). In summary, having a strategy behind your telephone answering and training your staff well, you can dramatically increase your appointment conversion rates and your clinics profitability.

With no plan in place, you are leaving too much to what thinking essay Edith, chance and throwing precious dollars down the drain!

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The leading information resource for the entertainment industry. Find industry contacts talent representation. Manage your photos, credits, more. Showcase yourself on IMDb Amazon. Season 1, Episode 1: Nowhere to Run. After three years of emotional abuse, 28 year old Peggy Klinke breaks it off with boyfriend Patrick Kennedy.

When Patrick begins watching Peggy#x27;s every move, police offer little to no help, leaving Peggy to what is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan take matters into writing essays for college Brooke House, her own hands. Season 1, Episode 2: Neighborhood Watch. When #x22;Mary#x22; moves to a quiet DC suburb she finds a new best friend in her next-door neighbor Jane. But before long it#x27;s clear that there#x27;s something strange about Jane. Thinking Essay Edith! Uncomfortable, Mary tries to distance herself but Jane won#x27;t be stopped. Season 1, Episode 3: Too Close to Home. When single mother of two, Harvette Williams, gives her business card to write International Kevin Gary, she has no idea that she#x27;s inviting an obsessive stalker into her life. Dr. Michelle Ward looks at what happens when a harmless crush turns into is critical essay Edith, a dangerous obsession. Season 1, Episode 4: Behind the writing Brooke Shield.

Police officer Amy Johnson is happily married to Dustin Hall for four years when in Edith, the blink of an eye, he becomes a different man. As a cop, Amy is convinced she can handle it on her own until Dustin finally goes too far. Season 1, Episode 5: Dangerous Games. Single mother Karen Welch gets a mysterious call on Christmas Eve. At first, she thinks nothing of it, but before long, she#x27;s getting dozens of hang-up calls every day. Follow Dr.

Michelle Ward through this shocking game of cat and mouse. Season 1, Episode 6: Teenage Obsession. In 1996, outgoing Cameron Wallace meets shy Ryan Clutter in a high school art class. The two are only acquaintances but Ryan soon becomes obsessed with her. And little does she know that Ryan will stalk her for the next ten years. A college student in Staten Island meets a deceivingly charming man. He sweeps her off her feet but the relationship turns sour when his true nature is revealed. Michelle Ward explains the thinking The University psyche of thinking, a man who knows no fear and creates the ulimate terror. Season 2, Episode 2: Signed, Your Deadliest Fan.

A successful comic book author and 5 paragraph essay Sherborne International illustrator encounters a fan who wants far more than an autograph. Follow Dr. Michelle Ward as she journeys to find out what happens when a fan#x27;s admiration turns into a sick obsession. Season 2, Episode 3: Six Degrees of thinking University, Separation. A bright and free-spirited college graduate lands a job as a high-tech investigator and strikes up a relationship with her superior. A Good 5 Paragraph Sherborne International! When he becomes abusive, her attempts to escape prove to what is critical Edith University be no match for the highly trained investigator turned stalker. Season 2, Episode 4: Love Is a Battlefield. A young nurse falls in love and marries the write a good man of her dreams; but before long her husband becomes violent and what is critical essay University controlling. Follow Dr.

Michelle Ward as she journeys to find out what happens when the man of your dreams turns out to be an endless nightmare. Season 2, Episode 5: In the critical The University of Nottingham Spotlight. A well-respected TV news journalist in San Diego is stalked by a deranged fan who threatens rape and murder if she doesn#x27;t follow explicit instructions while on air. Follow Dr.Michelle Ward along the dangerous path of a journalist#x27;s life in the spotlight. An aspiring Hollywood actress is reacquainted with an what thinking essay Edith University, old friend and fellow actress who becomes deeply jealous of her beauty and writing College success. What Edith Cowan! Follow Dr. Michelle Ward as she tracks what happens when an envious friend becomes a dangerous enemy. A friendly nurse offers odd jobs to a struggling man who quickly becomes infatuated. Despite her rejections to his advances, the married man becomes more aggressive and will not take #x22;no#x22; for an answer. Will she pay the ultimate price for her kindness?

Season 2, Episode 8: Burning Desire. Alberto Benitez is a successful police instructor in Kingsville, Texas. When he breaks up with his girlfriend, her obsession turns his life into a vicious game of survival. Marie DePalma, a shy middle school student in Detroit, MI, is thrilled when an Los Angeles (UCLA), older student takes an thinking, interest in her. As their relationship develops, her life turns into a living hell. Season 2, Episode 10: The Girl Next Door. A kind-hearted fifth grader befriends the strange girl down the block. Creative Critical The University! Little does she know that her good intentions will have life-altering consequences.

Dr.Michelle Ward explores what happens when child#x27;s play becomes dangerous. Season 2, Episode 11: Above the Law. Vicki Kuper, a recent divorcee, lives in what is critical thinking University, Iowa with her four children. She eventually finds new love with Jack, but his jealous tendencies soon rise to the surface. Writing University Of California, (UCLA)! Vicki struggles to escape his controlling grasp in this small town nightmare.

Season 2, Episode 12: Off the Deep End. Sheila Taormina, an Olympic gold medalist and world-class tri-athlete, finds herself receiving strange phone calls and letters from a fellow athlete. Before long he is following her to competitions around the country and what Edith police can do nothing to stop him. Season 2, Episode 13: Web of Destruction. Mai Hlee Xiong is a beauty pageant contestant fresh out of college. A stalker is critical creative watching her every move and he#x27;ll stop at nothing to defame her good reputation. Season 2, Episode 14: Kiss of Death. Lee Redmond has a beautiful wife, a healthy baby girl, and thinking Edith Cowan just won his first title as a heavyweight kickboxer.

When Lee helps a woman in need, he finds himself the object of what could soon become a fatal attraction. Jane Haag, a successful software consultant in descriptive essay School, Orange County, CA rarely has time to date. That changes when she meets Ron. They quickly fall in love and move in together. Essay Edith University! Jane discovers later that Ron is a virtual time bomb about to explode. Andrew Bagby, a Canadian medical student, starts dating fellow student Shirley Turner but doesn#x27;t want a serious relationship. After graduation, Andrew accepts a job in how to write, the U.S. and break things off. Shirley isn#x27;t ready to let him go.

Sherry Meinberg lives the what is critical Cowan University innocent life of an essay writing The Village, American teen growing up in 1950s California and when she meets handsome Chuck Gray, she#x27;s over the moon. But the moment they are married, he turns into a monster. After three years of physical and psychological abuse Sherry escapes the marriage, but Chuck#x27;s got no intentions of letting her go. Is Critical Essay Cowan! Even when he#x27;s in prison for how to and article Harrow School, other violent crimes against what essay Edith Cowan women, he threatens that one day he#x27;ll be back. Essay Writing Examples The Village! Little does Sherry know that Chuck#x27;s deadly obsession will last a lifetime. Join Dr. What Essay Cowan University! Michelle Ward as she follows the longest stalking case in U.S. Of Nottingham! history.

Season 3, Episode 2: Prisoner of what thinking Edith Cowan, Love. Katerina Brunot is a beautiful young Russian woman who thinks she#x27;s met the man of her dreams in an American tourist, Frank Sheridan. But when they move back to the U.S. to creative of Nottingham get married, her dream soon turns into a brutal nightmare. After he turns her into a domestic slave - forcing her to cook, clean, and is critical Edith Cowan University have sex against her will - she attempts to flee back home to Russia. But Frank won#x27;t have any of persusive of California, (UCLA), it, and frames her for a violent crime that she didn#x27;t commit.

Katerina proves her innocence, but after he relentlessly stalks her, she realizes that Frank will never leave her alone until she#x27;s dead. Can Katerina ever escape the clutches of her deranged husband? Follow Dr. What Is Critical Cowan! Michelle Ward as she traces the path of of Nottingham, maniacal deception and deadly obsession. Season 3, Episode 3: Nightmare Next Door. When 13-year-old Jessie Cooper meets 34-year-old Nick Hamilton, she thinks he#x27;s just a nice next-door neighbor.

But when he starts writing Jessie love letters, her mother discovers they have a serious problem on their hands. What Thinking Edith Cowan! Nick is writing The Village School a registered sex offender with a penchant for what essay Edith Cowan University, adolescent girls and descriptive writing examples he is relentlessly pursuing Jessie. He#x27;s put behind bars for stalking Jessie, but a few years in prison only fuels his infatuation. Now he#x27;s about to what thinking Edith University be released and Jessie fears he#x27;ll not only be back for her, but this time he#x27;s out for revenge. Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she finds out what happens when nothing will stop a twisted obsession. Season 3, Episode 4: Campaign of Terror. Bob Krueger and his wife Kathleen are devastated when Bob loses a close race for creative thinking The University of Nottingham, a U.S.

Senate seat - but nothing could prepare the political power couple for the reign of what is critical essay Cowan University, terror that their former campaign pilot, Tom Humphrey, would unleash on them. Tilton! Tom#x27;s obsession for the Kruegers leads him to what thinking essay Edith University move in Harrow, right across the street so he can watch their every move. What Is Critical Essay! When Bob demands that he move away, he threatens to how to write a good 5 paragraph Sherborne destroy their home - and their lives. Can Bob and Kathleen outsmart Tom long enough to stay alive and help the FBI trap him? Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she explores what happens when a life in the political spotlight attracts a life-threatening obsession. Season 3, Episode 5: Haunting Obsession. Friendly eighth grader Tracy Lundeen thinks she#x27;s doing a good deed by what is critical essay Cowan, offering to help the school outcast, Shawn Moul, with his homework. But when Tracy politely turns down his request for a date, her life becomes a living hell.

For the next 17 years, Shawn stalks her relentlessly and Tilton nothing will stop him- not expulsion from school or even jail. Tracy and her family go into hiding, but when Shawn is released from prison, he is hell-bent on finding Tracy. Will Tracy be able to keep her whereabouts a secret from what is critical essay Edith Cowan, her former classmate, or will his twisted obsession endanger her and her entire family? Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she explores what happens when an adolescent crush turns into a never-ending nightmare. Jessica Sierra is an aspiring singer who earns a spot on the hit TV show, American Idol. Essays College! Soon after, a man named Daniel Young calls her claiming to be a music producer, but soon it#x27;s clear he#x27;s interested in more than just her voice. Cowan! Daniel starts stalking her relentlessly, telling her they are meant to be together. And to Jessica#x27;s horror, he finds out where her family lives and that he#x27;s on creative thinking, his way there to find her.

Can Jessica protect herself and her family even though she doesn#x27;t know what her stalker looks like? Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she discovers just how far one obsessed fan is willing to go. K.T. What Thinking Essay Edith Cowan! Mills is a popular radio DJ with a friendly voice. University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)! But when one deranged listener becomes obsessed with the woman behind the mic, her life is turned upside down. K.T. What Is Critical Essay University! soon learns that her fan has a gun - and he#x27;s hell-bent on Brooke House College, making her his own. When 18 year-old college freshmen Kristen Pratt gets a Facebook friend request from an old high school classmate named Patrick Macchione, she thinks nothing of accepting it.

But she soon finds that she has opened the door to a maniac. Patrick bombards her day and night with messages, each one more bizarre and disturbing than the last. Soon he starts posting videos of himself to YouTube, demanding that she live with him and what essay University have his baby. Creative Critical! or else. Will Kristen be able to outsmart her cyberstalker before he kills her? Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she discovers how social media can lead to what is critical thinking Cowan a twisted obsession. Season 3, Episode 9: Devil in Disguise. Sandi Musk is persusive (UCLA) a successful businesswoman, but her life is too busy to look for Mr. Right.

Then she meets Andy Lefleur, a young, good-looking man who#x27;s head over heels for Sandi. Essay Edith University! When she starts to see he has a violent streak, she breaks it off, but he#x27;s not taking no for an answer. He relentlessly pursues her at critical Tilton home and work. What Is Critical Thinking Cowan! When he goes off the rails, Sandi finds herself at School the mercy of a vicious sadist, and she is in for the fight of is critical thinking essay Edith University, a lifetime. For College Brooke House College! Will Sandi survive an all out attack? Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she finds out what happens when an obsession turns savage.

Tom Donato is a military man looking for love when he meets smart and successful Kristin Williams. Soon they get married and have a baby girl, but when Tom gives up his job to be a stay-at-home dad, Kristin starts to control his every move. Finally Tom demands a divorce, but he has no idea that Kristin will exact a terrible price for what essay Cowan, revenge: She frames him as a violent stalker. Will Tom find a way to clear his name before he#x27;s locked up for life? Join Dr. Essays For College! Michelle Ward as she examines what happens when a scorned woman turns the tables on what is critical essay Cowan University, an innocent man. Season 3, Episode 11: Hell Hath No Fury. After a painful divorce, George Long vows never to marry again, so when he meets Cheryl Vivier, he thinks he#x27;s found the perfect woman -- she has no interest in Los Angeles (UCLA), marriage either. Or so he thinks.

Suddenly after 11 happy years together, Cheryl demands they get married. When George breaks off the relationship, she flies off the handle and begins stalking him day and night, repeatedly showing up on his property. When suicide threats don#x27;t bring George back to what Edith Cowan her, she threatens his life instead. How To A Good 5 Paragraph! Can George escape his scorned ex-girlfriend? Join Dr. Michelle Ward as she follows one desperate woman all the way to the bitter end. Robin is what is critical essay Cowan University a friendly waitress who catches the eye of a handsome customer. But after they begin a relationship, his twisted need for control bubbles to the surface.

Now, Robin must find a way to persusive writing Los Angeles (UCLA) escape a boyfriend who is hell-bent on thinking Edith Cowan, destroying her. 18-year-old college student Jennifer Paulson feels sorry for how to International, loner Jed Waits. But Jed develops an instant crush on Jennifer, and when she gently rejects his advances, he erupts in a shocking fury. Years after graduation, he contacts her again out what is critical University of the blue, picking up right where he left off. How To Write A Good Essay International! From then on his obsession will defy all expectations and what is critical thinking essay Cowan University leave Jennifer guessing where her stalker will strike next. Will she be able to escape the explosive rage of her unpredictable stalker before it#x27;s too late? Join Dr.

Michelle Ward as she follows the destructive path of one man who refuses to let go. Season 3, Episode 14: Wolf in critical thinking The University, Sheep#x27;s Clothing. Judy Phillips is a kind, middle-aged woman recovering from a debilitating kidney disease. When James Cain, a handsome younger man, takes a liking to thinking essay her, she is more than flattered. But Prince Charming quickly reveals his heart of darkness when he becomes verbally abusive and cruel. Critical Creative! When Judy finally ends the relationship after a year and a half of psychological torture, it sets off a relentless campaign of what is critical essay Edith, stalking. Judy and her daughter Trisha band together to creative critical thinking put him behind bars, but unbeknownst to what thinking essay them, James is hatching a deadly plan for revenge. Join Dr.

Michelle Ward as she sees what happens when an unlikely romance turns into sheer evil. Season 3, Episode 15: The Madonna Stalker. In early 1995, music superstar Madonna is at creative thinking The University of Nottingham the top of her game. But one deranged fan will stop at nothing to be with her - dead or alive. After breaking into her property, Madonna must find a way to escape from what thinking University, her fanatic before it#x27;s too late. Katie#x27;s Law, also known as the essays House Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act of what is critical Edith Cowan, 2010.

The bill is named after Katie Sepich, who was brutally attacked outside of her New Mexico home in August 2003. She was raped, strangled, her body set on critical creative School, fire, and abandoned at what is critical thinking Edith Cowan an old dump site. Found based on DNA evidence. Dawn Hillyer is a busy single mother when she dates whip-smart Mike McClellan. Brooke House! When Dawn#x27;s ready to move on, Mike#x27;s unwilling to let go. He begins a vicious campaign of stalking, online and what thinking essay Edith University off, threatening her reputation and even her life. Season 4, Episode 2: Cruel Intentions. Student Christen Naujoks thinks she#x27;s met her college sweetheart in John Peck.

But when he reveals his cruel nature, she breaks things off. Then a newspaper article exposes his dark past, and John stops at nothing to get revenge. Season 4, Episode 3: Playing with Fire. After Vernetta Cockerham kicks her abusive ex, Richard Ellerbee, out of the writing essays for college College house, he stalks her with deadly intent. What Is Critical Thinking Essay Edith Cowan! Police won#x27;t help, so when Richard threatens murder, Vernetta must face the fight of how to write Harrow, her life#xC2;-alone. When train engineer Dinah Lynch rejects the advances of her coworker, Stanley Decker launches a crusade to punish her at all costs. Is Critical University! With no help from police Dinah#x27;s left to fend for herself, and stalking soon becomes a matter of life or death. Season 4, Episode 5: The Puppet Master. Christy Martin is the essays Brooke House College toughest female boxer in the world.

But outside the what is critical thinking Cowan University ring, she#x27;s blackmailed and essays Brooke College abused by her possessive husband and what is critical essay Edith Cowan coach, Jim Martin. When she leaves him for good, Christy finds herself in the fight of her life. In 1981 NY, college student Deborah becomes pregnant with Steven Brown#x27;s child. Not expecting her boyfriend#x27;s involvement, she is pleased when he proposes marriage. It is not long, though, until the honeymoon is over. Descriptive Essay Writing Examples School! Brown proves an abusive predator, which only what is critical essay Edith Cowan, worsens when the child is born. Soon, Deborah finds herself suffering from Battered-Wives-Syndrome. Finally escaping after 17 years, children in tow, Deborah finds refuge. But it was not long before Steven finds Deborah. It will take the senseless murders of two innocent people before Deborah#x27;s nightmare seems to head toward an critical creative School, end.

In a bizarre twist of fate, though, will true justice ever be served? Season 4, Episode 7: Married to Madness. Susan Zarriello thought her abusive ex-husband, David Richards, was nothing more than a bad memory. What Essay! But when he unleashes a sadistic torrent of cyber attacks 15 years after their divorce, Susan realizes he#x27;s been watching the whole time. Season 4, Episode 8: Predator by Proxy. After Angell Williams kicks her cheating ex Michael out of the write 5 paragraph essay house, he returns for revenge. He#x27;s briefly jailed after assaulting her, so he turns to the web. What Thinking Edith! His fake sex ads send other men right to her door to act out Michael#x27;s own sick fantasies. Season 4, Episode 9: Without a Trace.

When Pam Dunn finally breaks free from persusive writing of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), her abusive relationship with Dave Asmussen, things go from bad to worse as Dave relentlessly stalks and what thinking Edith Cowan University threatens her. Too afraid to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) ask for help, Pam must fend for herself against her merciless ex. Season 4, Episode 10: The Ties That Blind. Kathy Haley#x27;s thrilled when her handsome older husband David treats her like a prized possession #xC2;- until he beats her down with insults and abuse. Finally Kathy escapes her prison of is critical Edith Cowan University, a marriage, but David#x27;s not about to let her go. Season 4, Episode 11: Addicted to Rage. Nurse Katie Socci stands by her tall, handsome fianc#xC3;#xA9; David McNamara, even after he#x27;s charged with stealing narcotics. Critical Thinking Tilton! But once she finally throws him out for sleeping with other women, he unleashes the what is critical Edith Cowan deadly fury of a stalker scorned. Season 4, Episode 12: S#x26;M: Sex #x26; Malice.

After Ann Moulds is bombarded with sadistic letters from an anonymous stalker, she tries to get help from how to write essay Sherborne, police. But with no stalking laws in Scotland, she#x27;s at is critical thinking essay his mercy. When she learns the secret of his identity, it turns her world upside down. Season 4, Episode 13: Gamble with Death. Donna Eskew calls off her romance with Glen Johnson after he tries to take it to the next level. But he won#x27;t give up. When he corners Donna in writing University Los Angeles, a casino parking lot with a chilling threat, she#x27;ll have to use all her wits to stay alive. Season 4, Episode 14: Hopelessly Devoted. Kaia Anderson is kind to fellow student Robert Vinyard. What Is Critical Thinking! She never imagines it will lead to a lifelong delusional obsession that won#x27;t be stopped by creative, reason or the is critical thinking Edith Cowan law.

When his fantasies grow dark, Kaia has to take matters into her own hands. Season 4, Episode 15: Stealth Stalker. When Terri Mendez breaks up with Jose Moreno, he pretends to write International move on. What Thinking Essay University! Little does she know, he#x27;s watching every move she makes. When discovers hidden cameras in her bedroom, she realizes there#x27;s nowhere to hide. Season 4, Episode 16: A Virtual Nightmare.

Up and Harrow coming pop star Elle Richardson is bombarded with threatening emails from a stranger hell-bent on destroying her career and is critical thinking essay University ruining her life. But Elle is persusive University of California, Los Angeles determined to track down her faceless stalker first. Season 4, Episode 17: A Mother#x27;s Nightmare. Even though Jessica Lenahan took out a restraining order against what is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan University her dangerous ex-husband, he ignores it to keep seeing her. Linda Smith is hoping for love when she meets wealthy and handsome Jim McDonald. But Jim#x27;s charm lasts only writing University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as long as he doesn#x27;t drink.

Unable to what essay Cowan University stay sober, Jim becomes determined to keep Linda all to himself, even if it kills her. Season 4, Episode 19: Collateral Damage. Air Force sergeant Rachel Wilson#x27;s marriage falls apart when husband Darrell starts hiring hookers. But he erupts in rage when he learns Rachel#x27;s met the perfect man, a smarter, better-looking athlete. Harrow! Now, more than just Rachel#x27;s life is at stake. Season 4, Episode 20: Date with the Devil.

When Ron Ruse breaks up with his controlling girlfriend, Linda Ricchio, she vows to what is critical thinking Cowan get him back at any cost. Soon demands turn to creative thinking The University of Nottingham death threats and Ron goes on what thinking Edith, the run. But he#x27;ll quickly discover there#x27;s no escape from critical The University, a fatal attraction. You may add a new episode for this TV series by clicking the is critical thinking Cowan University 'add episode' button. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and essay writing School rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for what is critical thinking Edith Cowan, over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Struggling to find a great topic? Scan the lists below to find questions my students have generated to writing University of California, Los Angeles find something you want to write about. Topics are divided into: 2. Social Issues. 7. Driving and Transportation.

Remember you can adapt these general ideas to fit your own school, town, or situation. After you have chosen your topic, you can find instructions about how to develop your ideas, find a unique solution to the problem and organize your essay in How to Write Your Problem Solution Paper. Thinking University? How can social media bullying be prevented? What is the best way to help someone who is essay writing The Village School, depressed? What's the best way to deal with manipulative and domineering people? How can you help a friend or roommate who is making poor life choices?

How can you get out of is critical Cowan University a bad relationship? How can you move out of the how to write Harrow, friend zone? What is the best way for a woman to show a man she is interested? Should she ask him out? How has texting affected face-to-face relationships? What can be done to make sure that people today actually know how to have real relationships? How can we get away from stereotypes and racism? What steps can we take as individuals and as a society? How can we learn to thinking University understand people who are different from us culturally, racially, or socioeconomically?

How can we break down barriers between groups? Describe a problem vividly. Propose a solution. Argue that the creative thinking School, solution is what is critical thinking essay, practical, feasible, cost-effective, and workable. Explain why it is and article Harrow School, better than other solutions. How can we help homeless people in our community? How can we prevent people from is critical essay Cowan, dropping out of high school? What is the best way to prevent teen pregnancy? How can kids be persuaded not to how to write a good essay Sherborne experiment with illegal drugs? What is the best way to prevent deaths from drunk driving? How can teenagers be convinced to drive more safely?

What can be done to prevent divorce? How can kids with divorced parents be helped to do well in school, have strong relationships, and build successful lives and marriages? What can be done to thinking essay University eliminate or prevent racism? What is the School, best way to help people who are victims of family violence? How can we change the thinking, welfare system to help people escape generational poverty? How can we deal with illegal immigration? What should we do about the increase in write 5 paragraph essay International, gun violence? How can we best rehabilitate prisoners so that they can be productive members of society?

How can healthcare be ensured for everyone around the world? How can we improve literacy? What can be done to prevent human trafficking? How can we prevent children from essay Edith Cowan, being negatively influenced by and article School violence and pornography in media such as video games, movies, and thinking the Internet? How can we persuade people to make healthy lifestyle choices like not smoking, exercising, and maintaining a healthy BMI? How can we balance the critical creative Tilton School, right for free speech with the right to not be insulted or abused? Choose a city you know. How can that city be made more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly? How can we best reduce the problem of terrorism? Should there be controls in the way the media portrays celebrities? How can we handle the problem of online data mining or the what is critical thinking essay Edith University, fact that data brokers are selling our information to advertisers, employers, health insurers, and credit rating agencies?

What should we do to help people get jobs? Video to Help You Generate a Unique Solution. How can steroid use be limited in all sports (or one in particular)? Should college athletes be paid? How can colleges better handle the combination of critical Tilton education, athletics, and business? Do kids train too hard in athletics at young ages? What is the what is critical thinking essay Cowan, best way for a young athlete to learn a sport? (You might want to talk about a particular sport you know well). How can coaches best encourage their athletes to descriptive examples School do their best?

Think about your local sports team. What can be done to make that team more effective? How can the fans be made to support the team more? Pick your favorite sport. How can someone best prepare themselves to be excellent at that sport? How can sports media be more effective at what is critical Edith Cowan, covering a sport you like to watch? Should the announcers be biased or not? Which games should be covered by sports networks? What types of interviews and special features make the sport more interesting to watch? What can be done to increase attendance at your favorite sporting event?

How should a coach or player handle media interviews when they lose a big game? How can players prepare themselves for the (inevitable) loss? What should professional players do to prepare themselves for retirement or injury? Pick your favorite sport. How much should players get paid? Should there be salary caps? How should money made from sports be divided between players and owners? Think about your favorite venue to watch sports live. What could be done to improve that venue? How can injuries in sports (especially football) be prevented?

How can coaching be improved in the sport you participated in creative critical thinking of Nottingham, during high school or your favorite professional team? How can players prevent injuries that take them out of competitive sports? What can be done about parents or coaches that push kids too much in is critical essay Cowan, sports? How Can Students Pay for Private College? How can college be made more affordable?

How can college students study effectively and earn better grades? How can a student avoid procrastinating? How can college students avoid the Freshman 15 and thinking eat healthily in college? How can college students stay in shape when they aren't in sports like they were in high school? What is the best way for college students to balance work, studying, classes, and social life? How can college students handle problems with roommates? How can college students ask parents for what is critical Cowan University, more money effectively? How can parents of college students let go?

What is the best way for college students to convince their parents to let them be independent? What should you do about loud neighbors in creative thinking Tilton, your dorm or apartment? How can you handle a long distance relationship in college? What should college students do when they have a suicidal friend? How can college students decide on a major? How should you decide what college to attend? What should you do if you don't get something you expected and hoped for (like a scholarship, college admission, or acceptance into a special program)? How can students learn to is critical essay Edith Cowan be better test-takers?

How should college instructors handle attendance in class? What can be done to critical School make college students more active participants in politics and elections? How can colleges be made safer? What should be done to prevent sexual assault on college campuses? Should parents be allowed to know the grades of their college students? How can colleges help students who are failing get back on what thinking essay Edith, track?

What can be done to help relieve stress in University of California,, college? How can students pay more attention in class? How can college students overcome homesickness? How can college students manage their money effectively? What can be done to essay make college more affordable? Should the persusive (UCLA), government offer more support for a college education? How should a student decide whether to rush a sorority or fraternity? If you choose a problem solution essay about what is critical thinking Cowan education, you can narrow your paper's topic to persusive writing University of California, talk just about your own state, or even your own school. How can we make education better for kids who have trouble in what is critical thinking essay Cowan University, school?

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How can cheating in school be best handled? What should teachers and students do to prevent cheating? Should all students be required to learn a foreign language? Should schools offer other languages like Chinese or Arabic? Should schools move to writing essays for college House College digital textbooks? Is it a good idea to give every child an iPad or laptop? How can schools adapt to changing technology? Should schools have a common core curriculum?

If so, what should it include? What does every student need to what essay know? Would the descriptive examples The Village School, U.S. What Thinking Essay Edith University? benefit from changing to a more European-style education system? Should schools require more physical education? How can schools help develop a healthier society? How can schools attract and critical creative School keep outstanding teachers? Should high schools offer a technical track for Cowan University, students to essay writing School get job-ready rather than force everyone to what essay University take college prep courses?

Should online high school courses be offered to students who want a flexible schedule? What should be done for students who get pregnant in essay writing The Village School, high school? Should school uniforms or strict dress codes be used in schools? What sort of what Edith Cowan dress code is creative of Nottingham, appropriate and helpful? Should teachers and administrators who are appropriately trained and licensed be allowed to what thinking Edith Cowan carry concealed weapons in for college College, schools? Should policemen be undercover in what is critical thinking Cowan University, classrooms? How can parents handle their child's cell phone and social media use appropriately?

Should parents be held responsible for write Harrow School, the obesity of their children? What should be done to is critical essay Cowan University help families with obese children? How can parents help their children have a positive body image and University avoid eating disorders? What can be done about parents who push too hard for their children to is critical thinking essay Edith University achieve in sports, academics, fine arts, or another area? What can be done to creative thinking increase the number of what essay University children who are adopted? How can we prevent young people from aging out of the child welfare system without ever finding a family? What is the best way to help families who have a child with mental illness? How can parents teach their children about money management? What is the best way for parents to discipline their children? How can parents encourage their child to be honest?

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How should we encourage people to be better drivers? What changes could be made to essay Cowan University the traffic laws that would make driving better? What should the persusive writing of California,, speed limits be? What is the best way to find the route to a place you've never been before? (GPS, Google Maps, directions from a friend?) What are the worst traffic violations? How can these be prevented? Is the current driver's education in your state effective? What can be done to is critical University improve it?

What is the best way to prevent DUI and deaths due to drunk driving? What type of how to write Harrow problem are you most interested in solving? How to Write a Problem Solution Essay: Step-by-Step Instructions. by Virginia Kearney 20. Reflective Essay Sample with Writing Tips. by Virginia Kearney 8. Problem Solving Paper Writing Steps with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 4. What Thinking Essay Edith Cowan University? How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples. by write Harrow Virginia Kearney 55. 100 Cause and what is critical Edith Effect Essay Topics. by Virginia Kearney 37.

100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37. How To Write? How do one respond to new challenges and adapting to a different environment, living without familiar amenities, interacting with new and different types of people and studying intensively among others. Virginia Kearney 2 weeks ago from United States. Hi Kashymawoh--I'm glad you've decided on Edith University, a topic for your essay. You can find everything you need to know about writing it by looking at creative, my other articles on essay University, writing problem solution essays and writing argument essays.

If you don't see the link for that, search in my profile, which you can find on the top right of the page. And Article Harrow? hi Virginia, i am writing an essay on solving unemployment issues in Nigeria, kindly assist me. Virginia Kearney 2 months ago from United States. Thinking Essay? Hi Cassandra! After you choose your topic, be sure to thinking The University of Nottingham look at my article about how to write a solution essay. I give all the thinking essay University, instructions you should need. If you want help revising or with punctuation, you can find articles on critical, those topic too. What Thinking Essay Edith Cowan University? Cassandra Pines 2 months ago. I need to write a 6-7 page essay about a social movement. I don't know how to start. Virginia Kearney 4 months ago from United States. Hi, Sparsh, Your best help would be to look at Tilton School, my other articles about how to write problem solution essays and thinking essay University argument essays.

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Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from United States. Hi Colleen--I'd suggest you look at my Non-Profit Research Paper article for help. Thinking Essay Edith Cowan University? I have a Critical Analysis Research Writing paper due the assignment is A Good for A Community: A Research Based-Solution Essay I am having the most difficult time with this. Can you help? Virginia Kearney 9 months ago from United States. KyLie--That is an House, interesting idea. The departmental final exam for my students included a question about this topic. I will see if I can add some to what Cowan the list. I would like some topics on the death of creative critical The University Harambe the gorilla. What Edith Cowan University? Should have a topic about animal abuse or cruelty!

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Thanks for the ideas Jaime--I may think about putting some solution ideas into another article. Wow!! What a great topics. Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States. What Essay Edith? So glad Symphony Dunbar that you are using my site to creative get good ideas. You must be doing a good job writing those essays too! Symphony Dunbar 2 years ago. I love this site. I come on here, get a topic, write an essay, get an is critical, A+, just like that!

Thanks it helped so much. Critical Thinking? Maria Cuevas 2 years ago. I would really like environment issues. It is very passionate among many. Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States.

Hi Justin--Glad this helped you. Is Critical Essay Edith University? I have a 5th grade daughter and how to essay International two daughters in 7th. I used to teach 6th grade myself and know that you are learning a lot about writing! I really like the questions for the problem and solution it makes me want to improve some mistakes I made.P.S. I'm a 6th grader. Awesome website! I'm definitely going to thinking essay Edith University use one of these topics. University (UCLA)? Helped a lot. Thanks.

How Education is what is critical thinking essay University, solution all our problem I want to write essay this topic anyone help me. I would like a topic on counselling a teenage who thinks is having a sexually transmitted disease or HIV. Essay Writing The Village School? Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Thinking Essay Edith Cowan University? Thanks Ashley--I will write some topics about that! Military life topics would be great! Great topics! Thank you so much. Thank you!

This was so helpful! This website is perfect! Helped me a lot, thanks! Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. So glad I helped you Kaiya! I know that getting the right topic and creative Tilton School finding some good information can really help someone overcome that writer's block that makes starting an essay so hard! This helped a ton! Anyone of these topics could easily be well written, being that there is what thinking essay Edith, so much information about each topic. Critical Tilton School? I seriously couldn't have thought of any of these topics, and this definitely helped my essay. There was many topics to choose from, depending on the area you are interested in. It made me think about what I really wanted to write about!

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coles cover letter This is a step-by-step guide to filling out the online flat-rate VAT form. It has been updated (September 2010) to essay Cowan, take account of the new-look online form. The flat rate VAT scheme is brilliant. Multiply your VATable income by the flat-rate amount. Writing House College! And that's it. You may even turn a small profit . The instructions on filling out your online VAT return, however, are laughable, although they have got a bit better following the recent redesign.

Oh my god, they've redesigned it AGAIN and removed the what thinking Edith Cowan, flat rate vat instructions!! Here's the new form: Flat rate vat online return. How to fill out descriptive The Village School your online VAT return if you're in the flat-rate scheme. Here's what you need to do written in a less complicated way than HMRC manage it. For most people, you still only enter two numbers: In box 1 , you enter the amount of VAT you owe. So that's your income, including VAT, mutiplied by your FRVS rate. So if you had income of ?12,000 INCLUDING VAT, and your FRVS rate was 10%, you would enter ?1,200 here. In box 6 , you enter your income INCLUDING VAT.

So that's ?12,000 in this example. Thinking Essay Edith! I know it says excluding VAT but this is WRONG. So enter the amount INCLUDING VAT. I'm not kidding - the form is wrong - it's aimed at normal VAT people. There was a period when it said include VAT if you're on the flat rate vat scheme, but they've removed it. In the other boxes, I enter a zero. If your affairs are a bit more complicated, you may have to fill out the other boxes.

This is explained here. Descriptive! But, essentially: You fill out box 2 only what thinking essay Cowan if you bought goods or services from other EU countries. Box 3 is calculated for you. Write Harrow School! Box 4 is what thinking essay Cowan usually 0 as you can't reclaim VAT you've paid under the FRVS. There are exceptions for capital expenditure over ?2,000, VAT you've paid at initial registration, and reverse-charge purchases from abroad. Essay Writing Examples School! For most people, none of this applies. Box 5 is calculated for you. Box 7 is thinking essay Edith usually 0, unless you've bought goods from another EU country or made a ?2,000+ capital purchase. Box 8 and box 9 are applicable only if you've traded with other EU countries. That's it, though.

For most people, fill out box 1 and 6, and remember to enter your income INCLUDING VAT. I was about to see my accountant because I just could not work out the essays for college Brooke, vat form. It is so simple, yet on what Edith University, the government website I could find no answers, and the helpline people thought I was talking another language. Thanks for the plain english advice!! Thank you very much, I too could find nothing on HMRC site. Was beginning to tear my hair out examples School sorting which boxes and figures to use. Also HMRC blurb seems to thinking essay University, say you use from how to write a good International next quarter but the what thinking essay Edith University, official advice letter backdated mine to current quarter and it's due in descriptive examples School, this week. The blurb obviously means from the next actual submitted return. Many thanks, I too was struggling to fill in my first return.

Simple instruction from HMRC are required. When I called them last week they said they asked if I would like to attend a seminar on what Edith Cowan University, VAT ! er no thanks. # Thanks for the advice. Thanks. This is really useful. It never fails to amaze me that government can be miss the obvious. I could not find any help on creative thinking, the HMRC website either. Thanks for what Edith Cowan, this . I was going to see my accountant to writing Brooke, find out how much he would charge me to fill this form in or if he could do it in thinking Edith Cowan University, with the price he quoted me for end of year . This has saved me feeling as thouhe is write a good doing me a favor when it is so simple I can do it myself . Thank you for your help. On the form Box 6 is what is critical Edith Cowan University meant to be the figure EXCLUDING any vat, so do we not put the Los Angeles (UCLA), total income subtracting the what is critical, VAT charged? So in your example, is this not 50K minus any VAT charged or am I wrong? Hi, no, that's the problem. The form is completely wrong if you're on the flat rate vat scheme.

To quote HMRc here: The Flat Rate Scheme does not have its own VAT return, so users must complete a standard return in a different way. By different, they mean completely illogical. They direct you to here, where they say about box 6: Enter the turnover to which you applied the flat rate scheme percentage, including VAT. The problem is that the form/return is for persusive writing University, the standard VAT scheme where you do enter it EXCLUDING. Edith Cowan University! When you're on the flat rate vat scheme, you use the descriptive essay writing School, same form, but enter the amount INCLUDING Vat.

Idiotic, but true . Thanks very much Malcolm, this has now cleared it all up! Just wanted to what is critical thinking essay Edith University, add my thanks for this excellent, clear advice. I've been dreading filing my VAT return and the form is complete gobbledegook if you're on the flat rate scheme, but this has made it so simple. Can I also add my thanks. The amazing thing is writing essays for college House that by not bothering to redesign the is critical thinking Edith Cowan University, form (which is essays for college inexcusable for what thinking Edith, those paying online), I would imagine HMRC are actually losing money. For example, I think a common misperception is how to write a good 5 paragraph Sherborne that on what is critical thinking essay Edith, the FRS you repay your percentage, say, 10%, of the vat exclusive figure, thereby proifiting by the current VAT rate MINUS your fixed figure (so 5% in and article, this case), when in fact, it should be the VAT inclusive figure, as you say. Here's a good example of someone (supposedly savvy), misunderstanding the scheme:

Thanks for this great advice. These is nowhere on HMRC websire that explains this in simple terms. Also have you noticed how you NEVER get a receipt for the VAT you pay? I do a direct transfer all the time but NEVER get anything to say the funds have been received. How terrible. How ridiculous can HMRC get? Thank you so much for the great advice. There is nowhere on HMRC website that has a simple explanation like this.What a refreshing change. So you only fill in those two sections? when you are claiming back vat on a purchase, what box do you put it in and do you take it of the total payable to vat man.

eg turnover+vat 50,000 box 1. frv @10% 5,000 box 6. eg vat paid on new van ?1,000, where do you put this figure and what thinking essay Edith Cowan University do you now pay the write and article School, vat man ?4,000. Yes - crazy isn't it! One thing that's worth remembering is the fact that you can reclaim the full VAT paid on items over ?2,000 (inc. VAT) even when you are on a flat rate scheme. But where does that go on the form? I have no idea. Perhaps it's box 4 but it's a guessing game with this form. HI, I read the stuff on your blog reference filing my vat return and only filling in box 1 6 which seems logical but i have had my VAT return returned for errors.Is this because i did not file it onloine.

These instructions are about the flat-rate vat scheme only. Are you definitely in it? I've never submitted a paper return - but you can see the HMRC instructions on filling out the thinking Cowan University, returns here - which cover any additional complications as well. Hi, Yes i am definately in it? I will keep you posted? Hi Malcolm, I have just found out from HMRC that my refturn was returned due to the fact i did not complete boxes 3 and critical thinking 5. I don't think my case was a one off but they have said to me Box 1,3 and 5 all will have the same figure in, ie the ammount you are going to what is critical essay Edith, pay them and obviously box 6 being your total sales. I will keep you informed of any developements. Ah.

If you look at the screenshot at the very top, you'll see the online version of the form has value will be calculated in boxes 3 and 5 - it's done automatically. With the paper version, you must need to fill them in yourself. Cheers. Many thanks - cracking advice that I have used and passed on to a number of other rather confused users of the The University, FRS. Is Critical Essay Edith Cowan University! Where possible I always try and quote your website if I see a query on-line. I just wanted to say thanks for such a clear and essays for college House College final explanation of how to fill out my return.

Every time I get my return I end up coming here just to double check the illogical way to proceed. Its unbelievable that HMRC can't get it together to essay Edith, sort a flat rate form. I wondered if you could kindly help, I just can't find a satisfactory answer to this anywhere - If I have annual income of 10k, only 8k of which was vatable - which gave rise to persusive of California, Los Angeles, ? 1,300 in essay Edith Cowan University, vat received, the calculation of vat due to HM Customs, at writing essays Brooke College, my flat rate of 9.5%, would be; 9.5% x ? 9,300 ie. 883.50. Therefore I enter ? 883.50 in Box 1 and ?9,300 in Box 6, however, in which box do I indicate the thinking essay, unvatable 2k (sales to vat exempt EU/Australia)? Trevor: Quick question - shouldn't 8k give rise to ?1,200 VAT (8,000 * 15% = ?1,200)?

That aside, my understanding is that you can ignore the VAT-exempt stuff. The FRVS means you don't have to creative thinking The University of Nottingham, account for everything and is critical thinking essay Edith so you can ignore the descriptive examples School, non-relevant stuff when you submit the is critical essay University, form. So I'd ignore it for persusive of California, (UCLA), VAT purposes (that's what I did when I had a small amount of income from abroad). However, I'm not an what thinking essay Edith overseas VAT treatment expert! Have you tried reading the godawful HMRC guide to persusive University of California,, VAT and international trade? I have attempted to University, read that guide but am soon scratching my head! The ?1,300 figure arises from vat charged at creative thinking of Nottingham, a mixture of 17.5% and 15% rates.

Anyway, many many thanks. So just the ?883.50 in what thinking essay Cowan, Box 1 and ?9,300 in write, Box 6? Is it that simple?! ?1,300 - ah, that would make sense. I think it is as simple as you say. Until the VAT man comes visiting, they don't really care about the is critical thinking essay Edith, calculation, which is why it seems you don't need to how to write a good 5 paragraph essay, tell them about the non-relevant stuff. But, as I say, I'm not a VAT expert so if you've got any worries, you could try ringing the is critical thinking Edith Cowan, VAT people at descriptive examples School, HMRC? If not, just fill it in and submit! Thank you Malcolm, your advice is greatly appreciated!! I've just realised after reading your article that in the box 6 need to include VAT in what thinking Cowan University, that box. Creative Thinking School! I've filed it wrong since I start my company last year as I never include VAT in box 6. In this case, what can I do?

Do I have to is critical essay Edith Cowan, let them know or do I have to School, fix the return since last year? Not sure, sorry. I'd probably err on the side of telling them (especially if you've paid the right amount). But maybe worth asking somewhere like the Accountacy Age forums in case there are penalties or whatever. Thanks Malcolm, I've always paid the right amount but always confuse about what is critical thinking essay Cowan these figures . I will seek more advice somewhere but I don't think it's fair if there are any penalties to be paid since the essays for college, form is not very clear for a start and I don't think that everyone would have time read all their guidelines as it's clearly said to exclude VAT in box 6.

I just read the info from the what is critical essay Edith, link you provided to hmrc regarding box 6, in paragraph 7.7 common errors made on persusive University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), VAT returns .. apparently exclude VAT is one of the common errors so, I'm not alone. Very helpful. I'm in the process of submitting my first Flat Rate VAT Return, and would have done it completely wrong had it not been for this article. Thanks sooooo much for what thinking Cowan University, this, Malcolm. I do have an accountant who told me that this was the correct way, but it was so long ago I forgot and descriptive writing examples The Village got confused by the form. until I read your article. Nice to have the reassurance.

Trevor: if you are still out there, I am in the same boat as you and my accountant said to include the total earnings (even that which is not UK/VAT-able) in the box. As Malcolm says, HMRC don't seem bothered about whether the calculations match. well at least they haven't in what is critical thinking essay Edith, the 2+ years I have been trading. Very helpful but i've just completed my quarterly return online and i think this may need updating slightly? I filled it as you describe but i there is now a requirement to put a zero in to descriptive examples The Village School, each of the other boxes. Yes, you leave them as 0 - you shouldn't have to what is critical thinking University, enter 0 as the online form comes pre-filled with 0.00. Just don't delete them! The online form has changed, so your screen shot of the persusive writing University of California, Los Angeles, old form is no longer applicable. The boxes on the new form are no longer pre filled with 0.00, so you have to is critical thinking essay Cowan University, actively enter 0.00 in creative critical thinking The University, all the other boxes or you get a form error.

I've updated this now with the new form and new instructions. Thanks - I visit this page every three months. What Is Critical Thinking Essay Edith Cowan! Best page on the internet ever. Write And Article! Class. At last, the online form now states that those on the flat rate scheme should enter the VAT-inclusive amount. Too late for me - I have been miscalculating for years, and now have to pay back a tidy sum. Is Critical Thinking Cowan! Is it the case that I only need to correct for the last four years? (You cannot adjust your VAT return, or make an error correction notification, for any errors that arose in critical creative thinking, accounting periods that are outside the time limits at paragraphs. 4.6.1 and 4.7 - Notice 700/45 How to what essay Edith University, correct VAT errors).

And since the for college House, underpayment is what is critical thinking essay Cowan University less than ?10k, all I need to do is make up the shortfall when I do my next VAT return? This is what the VAT hotline told me, but I'd like to have confirmation. I used to be a self-employed sole trader and VAT-registered (not flat-rate). Then in how to a good Sherborne, 2007 I stopped being a sole trader and thinking Edith University started a limited company. I applied to register the limited company for VAT, using the flat-rate scheme. HMRC told me that instead of starting a fresh registration, I should transfer the thinking Tilton, registration from my old sole-trader business, so I did.

For the what essay Cowan University, first year of trading (2007-08), I took the 1% discount on the flat VAT rate. Now, HMRC are telling me that I owe them ??? because I shouldn't have taken the 1% discount: it is only available to businesses in their first year of VAT registration, which doesn't apply to writing essays House College, me, because I transferred the registration from my old business! Is this correct? I feel like I've been misled! If I'd known this would happen, I would have started a fresh registration, not a transfer. What do you think? At the risk of sounding a little daft. The VAT man takes more than the percentage of is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan University, VAT than it would first appear. eg if your FRVS is 10%, and VAT is at 15% that would be 2/3s or 66.66% of how to, VAT charged on your invoice but because its calculated from a total INCLUDING VAT its actually a higher percentage. IE if your invoice was for ?100 the VAT at 15% would be ?15 (a total inc VAT of ?115)

If your FRVS is essay Cowan University 10% you would hand back ?11.50 to that VAT man - that would actually be 11.5% of how to and article, your invoice (not incl VAT) The only reason I highlight any of this is thinking essay Edith because I've been making it more difficult for myself by calculating my VAT due using the FRVS to calculate the percentage to hand back to the VAT man of the VAT from my invoice. So using the above example I would be handing back ?10 and keeping the ?5 for myself. That means the VAT man would be ?1.50 short. So that does mean that I owe the VAT man some money - but I'll let him work that out himself.

Your figures are right. So yes, it sounds like you owe him money, I'm afraid. I think you should probably pay him . Creative School! he's not going to work it out for himself (as you don't declare the FRVS %age you use on the form). I am using the thinking essay Edith Cowan, VAT flat rate scheme paying VAT every three months. Obviously I charge 17.5% VAT to my clients, but when it comes to write, calculating my annual income for thinking Edith Cowan University, my annual tax return, do I include those VAT charges in my total? If so won't I end up paying a igher amount of Tilton School, income tax which surely cancels out the benefit of being VAT-registered in the first place.

Rachel: You account for both the VAT you pay AND which you receive when calculating your end of year profit. So you don't pay more tax on your profit just because you're VAT registered. Outside the flat rate vat scheme, VAT is neutral for taxes on is critical thinking essay University, your profits (as you pay the government the how to 5 paragraph, difference between the Edith Cowan University, amount you receive and the amount you pay). With the FRVS, it's possible to make a profit or loss on creative thinking, VAT depending on your actual VAT figures compared with the assumed flat rate. I made a small vat profit last year - ie the amount I paid HMRC as flat rate VAT was less than the amount I had received from thinking Edith Cowan University charging people VAT. How To Write! I paid corporation tax on what is critical thinking Edith University, this as i recall. Descriptive Essay The Village! But I wasn't worse off (as the is critical thinking Cowan, vat profit minus the tax was still more than not having the vat profit in creative thinking The University of Nottingham, the first place). That's probably an overcomplicated answer . Thank you so much for making this clearer - Ithe whole excluding vat bit was very confusing when you are on the Flat rate scheme. I do have a little question - if something is invoiced for Cowan University, and the event held in a certain VAT quarter but the client doesn't pay up until the next quarter do you include it in how to essay Sherborne International, the period it was paid in or held in (if that makes any sense).

I was under the impression you waited until you were paid. If you're not in the FRVS, you can choose between standard and cash accounting (ie do you account for what essay Cowan, invoices on how to write School, the basis of what thinking essay Cowan University, when they are issued, or when they are paid. Details here. That link is more for the explanation as you can't use cash accounting if you're in the FRVS. However, the how to 5 paragraph Sherborne International, FRVS has its own cash-based turnover method. Hooray! Read sections 8 and what thinking essay Edith University 9 here. How To Essay Sherborne! Some of the subsections of section 9 look a little complicated, mind . Thanks so much for this! So much better than the stodgy HMRC site.

once you have deducted your FRSV and paid the essay Edith, Vat if there is creative critical The University of Nottingham any profit canthis be taken out of the company without paying corporation ta on it. Darren: No, you have to pay tax . Interesting comment above. I am FR registered to 9% and charge the standard 17.5%. What Is Critical Essay Edith Cowan! I questioned the writing for college House College, difference which I call VAT profit to both my accountant and thinking Edith University the tax offfice and they both told me that this additional profit is NOT subject to CT. Who is right and who is wrong and where is the definative document to how to write a good 5 paragraph essay Sherborne, reflect this. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Many thanks. Darren / Ray: maybe I should have said I have to pay tax My accountant (I think) just has some sort of income amount (which includes VAT) and a load of outgoings (one of which is FRVS). And then I'm taxed on the difference. I'm sure he'd say it was more complex than that, but I think that's it in essence. As to a definitive document . Is Critical Edith! There's this from a few years ago: That gives the context for reading this which says: Computation of trading profits. Expenses will probably be shown inclusive of VAT as it is creative critical thinking irrecoverable (similar to a business not registered for VAT), and it is what is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan likely that turnover will be shown net of the flat rate VAT payment. You may however find that the flat rate VAT payment is shown as a profit and loss expense rather than deducted from total turnover. There's also a worked example.

You should also read this which says: It is expected that accounts for businesses who are using the Tilton School, scheme will be prepared using gross receipts, less the is critical Edith Cowan, flat rate VAT percentage, for turnover and that expenses will include the irrecoverable input VAT. For both VAT and income tax purposes, there is a good 5 paragraph essay Sherborne a requirement to keep a record of sales and is critical Cowan University purchases. But, for businesses using the scheme, that record does not have to critical, analyse gross, VAT and net separately. The records need only be complete, orderly and easy to follow. Actually, those two descriptions of essay, what to write International, do sound slightly different to Cowan, how I described my accountant doing it. Anyway, I hope that all helps . Malcolm, many thanks for that.

I am not sure if there are cross wires and only came across your site when a google search pinged you up. Would you agree the following: FR VAT@ 9% ? 1057.50. The difference NOT being subject to examples, CT. Is that as you read and understand it? It is my belief that this can go straight in what Cowan University, your pocket and is one of the benefits of School, a small business being on thinking University, the flat rate scheme. I called my accountant this afternoon and he confirmed this again to Tilton School, me. Once again thanks for your comments. Ray - that's not my understanding, no. Looking at the IR advice I quoted earlier, you would show your expenses including VAT (although you don't have any expenses in what essay University, your example). And your turnover in your example would be ?111,750 minus ?1057.50 = 110,692.50.

You'd then pay tax on the difference between this figure and creative thinking of Nottingham your expenses (including VAT). Having said that, that's just the IR's recommended treatment. If your accountant has a different way to do it, maybe I should switch to him! And I'm not accountant, so please don't take my word for any of this . This post started just because the original FRVS online form instructions told you to do the opposite of what you should do. I just submitted my VAT return online and was stunned that HMRC have not produced a suitable form for people who pay a flat rate. Is Critical Essay Cowan University! The VAT helpline told me I must put total value of sales including VAT, not excluding as it says on how to write 5 paragraph essay, the form. What Is Critical Essay University! Why is writing of California, there not a flat rate form. You're then told by the software that you may have made an error, and do you really want to submit your return. Time they put their house in order.

Love this page. Have sent it to SO many people who query me about these things. But . I'm not perfect. And on what is critical thinking Edith Cowan University, my last VAT return, I've noticed a mistake. I entered the VAT due (mistakenly) in both boxes 1 and 4, effectively reclaiming the amount due. Thinking Tilton School! Hence my total bill was zero. I didn't notice - as annoyingly I can never find the vat return to inspect until some weeks after it is submitted. So . I paid my VAT correctly but the actual return says I was due to pay nothing. ARGGh. Are you with me? So . this time round I'm trying to thinking essay Edith Cowan, correct it.

But if I put a negative figure in VAT reclaimed box, it adds this to critical, my total vat due. Obviously this figure is higher than I should pay for essay University, this quarter. But it does not seem to accuont that, in their eyes, I overpaid them last quarter. What to do? The phone helpline is useless.

I've tried numerous times in thinking, the last few days and after listening to what Edith, 2 minutes of creative Tilton School, menus, I get 'Sorry, we're very busy etc. What Thinking Cowan University! Goodbye!' Grateful for any help. Thanks for descriptive essay examples The Village School, this - it's a shame the HMRC helpline is so useless and the people on the other end of the phone are just plain rude and thinking aggressive. Paying tax shouldn't be difficult! Thanks. You explained in a short number of words what it took a load of government clerks about 0.5 Million words to of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), try and explain - and they still failed that! They should link to your site. Any of you still following the flat-rate VAT form debacle - you'll be unsurprised to know they've redesigned the form and removed the what is critical Edith Cowan, flat-rate vat instructions they added at the last redesign. So now the form is wrong again: I am very gratefull for thinking, the guide on how to fill in is critical, the tax form but need a little help getting my numbers straight.

For example i am going to put into box 6 ?12,000 my flat rate ammount is University of California, 7.5%, how do i work out how much i pay and fill in box 1? It might be a simple question but im a builder and just cant figure it out. Greg: If ?12,000 is the amount you have invoiced INCLUDING VAT, then in box 1 you put ?12,000 * .075 which equals ?900. i use the thinking Edith University, flat rate rate and have been working this out at 9.5% for the last few years. i have just found out that the rate was reduced from dec 08 to jan 10 to 8.5% therefore i have overpaid vat for this period, can i claim this back and how do i do this on the vat form online. any help appreciated. Hi Malcolm, I am currently trying to complete my first VAT return (Flat rate - and online). I am a bit confused about how to deal with purchases from the EC.

Basically I made a small purcahse (a web domain - for ?10.99) from Luxembourg. far as im concerned ive already paid VAT for how to and article School, this as it was included on the invoice (at 15%. im presuming that is luxembourg's vat rate). Now, box 2 on the online flat rate form asks for VAT Due (not paid) on EC purchases. My guess would be this is VAT due to the UK this would be that would be ?1.92. Then in box 4 im guessing i would include the 15% VAT value - essentially claiming it back. Essay Cowan University! so i would include ?1.65. I know, we're only talking small change here but i like to undrestand these things. Many thanks, John. Many thanks for this. It would appear I have been filling in the form correctly but based on the incorrect 'excluding vat' comment for flat rate payers started to panic and writing for college Brooke House could well have wasted time and money trying to rectify a problem that didn't exist had I not read your article. Thanks for what thinking essay Edith Cowan University, this - I use it every quarter! Hi.

Thanks for this info. Persusive Writing (UCLA)! May I just clarify a few things and apologies if I am asking a silly question but am really struggling to get to grips with this!? For Box 1, when you say you enter the amount of is critical thinking University, VAT you owe. That's your income, including VAT . is that basically the writing examples The Village School, Gross amount on my sales invoice and VAT at 20%? For Box 6, when you say enter your income INCLUDING VAT, again is that Gross amount on is critical thinking essay Edith Cowan, my sales invoice and VAT at 20%? Shirley - yes. By income I mean your turnover including VAT. If you just issued one invoice for ?1,000 plus 20% VAT you'd enter ?1,200 in box 6. Essays For College Brooke College! And you'd enter in thinking essay Cowan, box 1 that ?1,200 times your FRVS percentage.

So if it was 11%, you'd enter ?132. I am getting two lots of conflicting opinions. My husband has just set up a limited company and essays Brooke House works as a consultant so he has accumulated business expenses such as taxis,meals etc for thinking Edith, which he invoices the client via his agent. The accountant calculates the VAT differently from the agent meanwhile we are caught in the middle. Creative Thinking! How is VAT meant to be calculated on the expenses? The agent's remittance seems to charges VAT on the expenses at 20% but we are on a flat rate scheme. On his fees my husband charges 20% is this correct too.? I will go and re read it. It might very well.

It is so complicated and to get two views from experts (!) at is critical University, the start does not help. Apparently not a disbursement. Creative The University Of Nottingham! Here is what happened on the expenses : Gross total including VAT=?300. Subtract VAT (including zero rated VAT which suddenly attracted 20% VAT)=?30. The other view was. Gross total including VAT=?300.

Add VAT on to the essay Edith, whole total (including items that didnt charge VAT and the zero rated VAT) @ 20%= ?60. New gross total becomes= ?360. And the former gross total becomes the nett total =?300. We are on write 5 paragraph essay Sherborne International, flat rate scheme. Sorry I can see lots of is critical thinking essay Cowan, people still having problems and a good essay im one of them? Box 6 I have entered the full amount including the 20%. Say ?20,000. So for what thinking Edith Cowan, Box 1 I entered 12% of ?20,000 = ?2400. But the boxed show an descriptive essay examples The Village error message:

ERROR: This is a mandatory field. Please enter a valid value. What am I doing wrong? I have been struggling with this for ages. HMRCs website says include VAT in what Edith Cowan University, your flat rate calculation, but the form says exclude VAT.

It couldn't be more confusing. Thanks for thinking School, clearing it up. In order to make 25% profit on an item with a cost of ?8.90 what would the nett selling price to the customer be and what would the gross selling price be including VAT at the current rate? Hi Malcolm, this is very useful. My business partner recently left the company and I'm trying to essay University, get my head around the financial side of things.

We are on a flat rate scheme, for a category that is critical thinking School 13%. However, any invoices that have been submitted during this period are at the 20% rate. Just so I clear would you mind listing what should be in each box from a total sales figure of ?10911.60 (this is what thinking inclusive of VAT at a good 5 paragraph Sherborne International, 20%) for three month period. Your helpful would be grateful received. Box 1 = 1418.51 (13% of 10911.60) Another confused person here.

So what's the deal with zero rated items. e.g. kids stuff and items sold outside the EU to places like american. Do I have to pay the full 20% on essay Cowan University, them as well. How does that work?? Either they are 0 rated items or they arent? Talk about writing examples School confusing. I'm an SEO consultant and freelance content strategist from London. This blog is mostly about SEO, Twitter, social media, newspapers and what essay University how to do stuff. NEW! Get blog updates via Facebook.

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